The Rules

Chat Offences
  • Vulgarity
  • Spam
  • advertise for other servers
  • Trolling
  • Advertizing (Other servers, for personal gain)
  • Disrespect
  • General Game Offences
  • Use of bugs/glitches
  • Use of unauthorized client mods
  • Cheating/Hacking
  • Map exploiting
  • Use of inapropriate or offensive player skins
  • Discord General Rules
  • No Recording or anything that violates the privacy rules (except for livestreams, but you must set [live] in your name & you have to ask permission to the people in your channel). (Recording is allowed when everyone agrees.)
  • No mute abuse.
  • Respect everyone!
  • No offensive names
  • Avoid advertisement of other services or products.
  • Do not spam. (Channelhopping is also spam!)
  • Voice convertors are not allowed.
  • This page does not cover all the rules; only the basic ones. If an staff member finds an unfitting behavior he will moderate it accordingly.
  • No racism, racism will provide you an instant perm ban.
  • No verbal abuse.
  • No pornographic/nswf/explicit content (applies to -but not limited to- avatars)
  • Teamspeak General Rules

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